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Colours: Nature

Dimensions: Two wires with counterweights 130 cm long

Dimmability: Continuously dimmable

Light source: Bulb not included

YaYaHo Element 77


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Element 77 for YaYaHo by Ingo Maurer is a multi-mirror reflector, covered with a natural-coloured shade. YaYaho Element 77 is adjustable vertically and horizontally along the wires.

YaYaHo is a low-voltage lighting system designed by Ingo Maurer that has made him internationally famous. All lighting elements are horizontally adjustable, Element 2 is also vertically movable. The technical sophistication and clean, unfussy lines of YaYaHo make for an endless range of both public and private use. Depending on the application we still recommend the use of the halogen bulbs, especially if you require excellent colour rendering. As an energy-efficient alternative, you can also use LED bulbs. If you wish to use the original halogen spot, please add it to your shopping cart. You find it on this side below.