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Cable length: 300 cm

Colours: Gold, red

Dimensions: 18 x 26 cm

Light source: Bulb not included, LED

Materials: Gold, powder-coated steel, aluminium, plastic

Primary voltage: 100 - 240 V

Socket: E14, max. 10 W

Year of manufacture: 2021

24 Karat Blau Flat

Axel Schmid



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24 Karat Blau Flat by designer Axel Schmid for Ingo Maurer is the flat wall lamp of the 24 Karat Blau family. With a hint of space between wall and lamp, the 24 Karat Blau Flat is perfect for the catering industry or in hotels as a pure wall lamp, or also for special situations that require a flat lamp, such as in a hallway or above the dining table.

Crafted in Japan through a meticulous, individual process, each shade of the 24 Karat Blau Wall is a testament to exquisite handiwork. The delicate, wafer-thin gold leaf undergoes a unique transformation, being carefully enveloped in acrylic to shield it from airborne impurities, ensuring its pristine allure. With its effortless maintenance and captivating allure, this luminaire is an ideal choice for adorning private dining spaces or enriching the ambiance of upscale restaurants.

The interplay of light and the remarkable 1/10,000 mm thickness of the gold leaf creates a mesmerizing display, infusing spaces with a warm, luminous radiance that exudes elegance and charm.

This product "24 karat Blau Flat" contains:

  • 1x fascia or gold plate
  • 1x lamp socket

If you want to expand your 24 Karat Blue Flat, add the product „24 Karat Blau Flat (Additonal Module)“ to your shopping cart – as many as you like.

NOTE: From a larger 24 Karat Blau Flat constellation with 6 or 7 gold plates, we recommend a second light source:

  • 2x the "original product" (24 Karat Blue Flat) + 4x a supplementary module (2 L + 4 E = 6) or
  • 2x the "original product" (24 Karat Blue Flat) + 5x a supplementary module (2 L + 5 E = 7)

Summary wall lamp 24 Karat Blau Flat:

  • without bulb
  • flash size: 17.8 x 26.3 cm
  • the bezel has four holes each
  • rods red
  • cable transparent