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Cable length: 450 cm

Colours: Black-white, Blue-red-orange

Dimmability: Dimmable (depending on bulb)

Light source: Bulb not included, LED

Power output: Max. 12 W

Socket: GU 10, max. 12 W

Year of manufacture: 2022


Andreas Walther


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One lamp, two colour sets, many variations: the new hanging lamp pic-a-stic stands out with its playful nature. 50 lacquered wooden rods in the colour set blue-red-orange or black-white-red can be plugged in individually and according to the room design.

 Andreas Walther, who designed the luminaire for Ingo Maurer, has long worked for stop-motion animation and the construction of film props. His idea for the luminaire comes from stop-motion: "I wanted to capture the moment of play when you throw the Mikado sticks and they fall apart," says the designer. "Unlike real Mikado sticks, which easily fall apart when you pull one out, the sticks of the light are held firmly 'in the air' via the rubber."

pic-a-stic fits above tables and over bar counters in restaurants or above the dining table in private rooms. The different colour combinations mean that not every table has to look the same. In addition, the rods can be placed in different ways, either crosswise or parallel, which creates different light and shadow effects. The light cone changes depending on how the pic-a-stic is inserted. For example, if the rods are longer at the bottom, more light falls on the floor and table. In addition, a stucco effect of the shadow is created at the top of the ceiling.

The light and character of the luminaire can be changed simply by plugging it in, depending on the room or interior design.

pic-a-stic comes in a box with 50 lacquered wooden rods, a rubber ring and a lamp body made of glass body, canopy.