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Dimmability: Dimmable (depending on bulb)

Light source: Bulb not included

Materials: Metal, plastic

Secondary voltage: 12 V

Socket: GX 5,3

BaKaRu Element

Ingo Maurer & Team


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The BaKaRú element ist consisting of a metal-ellipse and a heat-resistant shade in natural color. For a complete BaKaRú you need a Halogen 20 or 50 W Multi Mirror-Reflector with protective glass cover or an LED light source.

BaKaRú is al low-voltage lighting system fed by a transformer which reduces the mains current to 12 volts BaKaRú is equally suitable for wall or ceiling installation. It can bei mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the diagonal.

Depending on the application we still recommend the use of the halogen bulbs, especially if you require excellent colour rendering. As an energy-efficient alternative, you can also use LED bulbs.