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Wo-Tum-Bu 2

Dagmar Mombach, Ingo Maurer & Team 1998
Wo-Tum-Bu 2 is a standing lamp with a shade made of specially treated paper.
Wo-Tum-Bu provides very pleasant, dazzle-free light. Like a light-emitting sculpture with a clear form, it brings a stimulating, yet calm atmosphere to any room. It is part of the MaMo Nouchies 'tribe', which Ingo Maurer developed together with Dagmar Mombach and his team. The paper shades of the MaMo Nouchies are manufactured in a multi-step process by hand in Munich. The basic material is Japanese paper. Not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity, for example bathrooms, as this affects the tautness of the paper.
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Paper, concrete, metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, plastic

Dimensions (cm)

Height approx 120 cm

Primary voltage (V)

100 - 240


Electronic transformer


continously dimmable


Snap switch


With integrated LEDs

Type of Light Source


Watt (W)


Luminous colour (K)


Lighting flux (lm)


Colour rendering (CRI)


Kokoro LED

Warm, sensual light

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Elegant paper object

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The MaMo Nouchies

Poul Poul LED

Halogen version

Samurai LED

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Yoruba Rose Floor

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